Career Accelerator: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst with hands-on AI

In just 7 weeks with our full-time program, or 13 weeks in our part-time program, learn Cloud Concepts, Azure, Power BI, SQL, and hands-on AI. Earn your Microsoft PL-300 Certificate. Most importantly, invest in your personal growth with our integrated Career Skills program!
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Hybrid Learning

Learning Paths

Power BI, Azure, SQL, AI and Career Skills






€ 1500

Why This Training? 

Together with Microsoft, we’ve designed this learning path to help you advance your career with Data Analysis skills, in just 7 weeks full-time or 15 weeks part-time.

During the track, you’ll prepare for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) certification. You'll not only learn all about Power BI, the cloud concepts with Azure and SQL at an intermediate level, but also cover the basics of AI.

The benefits of the Career Accelerator: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Track with hands-on AI

Data & AI skills at cost price

Techionista believes that if we don’t accelerate the acquisition of essential Data & AI skills now, we will face not only a gender gap in tech but also a huge knowledge gap in the future. That’s why we’re lowering the financial barrier to reskilling or upskilling by offering all Data & AI skills at cost price within the Career Accelerator: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Track with hands-on AI.

Inspiration, Fun, and Practice

We believe that learning should also be fun. The theory can sometimes be quite tough; that’s why we like to counter it with engaging and inspiring stories from role models. This way, you’ll never forget what you’re doing it all for. And of course, we love to put what you’ve learned into practice during a live Data & AI challenge at a fun location.

Hands-on AI Tips and Tricks

You can view AI as a threat; we at Techionista prefer to see it as a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity that you should embrace now. Because if you know which AI tools you can use today and how AI can help you become better and more efficient, you’ll become even more relevant in the job market. We’ll treat you to the best AI tips and tricks.

High Success Rate

Techionista is known for its high success rates. We believe in the power of community. That’s why you’re never alone at Techionista. Every week, we check in with each other during our online Open Coffees to see how everyone is doing. Experience shows that this way, you’re sure to reach the finish line.

Boost Your Career Skills

Dive into our ‘Career Skills Training Track’ and develop yourself into a sought-after T-shaped professional. From personal branding to negotiation and presentation techniques, and from time management to creating a perfect LinkedIn profile.

Certify Your Skills

Of course, we include a voucher for the official ‘Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300)’ exam. At the end of the program, you can schedule this exam yourself, allowing you to officially call yourself a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst.

This is What You'll Learn

At the beginning of this track, you’ll lay a solid foundation in cloud solutions, primarily focusing on Microsoft Azure. You’ll learn about cloud concepts, Azure’s architecture and essential services, as well as security and management.

Then, you’ll delve into Power BI, transforming data into clear visualizations and interactive dashboards. You’ll also develop skills in SQL for targeted database querying. You’ll also follow the comprehensive career skills track, focusing on career skills like communication and LinkedIn optimization. At Techionista Academy, the emphasis is on developing T-shaped profiles. 

Throughout the program, we’ll treat you to various practical AI tips. This way, you can use AI to your advantage and differentiate yourself from other professionals. Upon completion, you'll earn your official Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) certificate.

Below, we’re pleased to outline the modules you’ll be going through:

You are the perfect match when you are..

Are you eager to learn? Do you have an affinity with Data & AI? Are you result driven? Analytical savvy? Then this track might be for you!


No prior knowledge is required to participate in this training. However, we do expect a tremendous drive, discipline, an enthusiastic mindset, and a healthy dose of curiosity.

Academic level

We estimate that you need to have an academic (thinking) level for this training. You do not have to prove this to us with a University diploma; it is also possible that you reached this level through your work experience.

Work status

Whether you’re job hunting or looking to elevate your current career, this program is perfect for you.


This is in English. Do you doubt whether your English is good enough? If you can make yourself understood and follow English reasonably well, you will be fine.


We believe in age diversity, so there is no such thing as too young or too old. Everyone is welcome!


Preferably Office 365 or 2021, but you can also participate with an earlier version (after 2010). Unfortunately, you will not be able to attend this training with a Mac.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the Career Accelerator: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Track with hands-on AI last?

You have the option to participate full-time. In that case, the program typically lasts 7 weeks, and we assume a study load of 36 hours per week. If you participate part-time, we assume a study load of 16 hours per week, and the program lasts a total of 15 weeks. That said, you follow the Data & AI skills independently via our online learning platform. This means that you could potentially take longer over the Data & AI skills. That’s up to you. We strongly advocate for the pressure cooker model because it significantly increases your likelihood of completing the program. Of course, you are required to attend all live sessions (usually online and three times at a location) at set times. Once you have completed all modules, you schedule your official Microsoft exam yourself, whenever you are ready.

What is the cost of the Career Accelerator: Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Track with hands-on AI?

Whether you follow this program full-time in 7 weeks, or part-time in 15 weeks: this program costs only € 1,500 incl VAT. The price is relatively low because we offer all Data & AI skills at cost. This way we reduce the price enormously.
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