Tessa Zwaving-Smit

Growth, energy, togetherness, and movement. These are the four building blocks of happiness that inspire me. As a coach and trainer, but also in my daily life. One of the fun aspects of my work is working with others. By asking the right questions, I stimulate self-reflection and self-awareness. I find it important that the coachees I coach have the confidence to take charge of their careers. That they make choices that make them genuinely happy and that contribute to job satisfaction.

At home I stay busy. I enjoy watching my daughters grow up. The kids keep me informed about the latest developments, they give me tips about my wardrobe and how I 'should' go out and then we help each other with that tricky math test. I like to relax and get a breath of fresh air on the beach during a long walk with the whole family and our sweet dog.

With a positive attitude, I guide and coach people and teams in their (change) process to get the best out of themselves, without sacrificing fun and a good balance.

Because one thing is certain for me; performance & growth go hand in hand with fun & relaxation.

  • English & Dutch 
  • NOLOC certified
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